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From the Applicant’s View

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Achieving perfect fit to your work setting creates a fundamental force that drives you to achieve fulfillment, purpose and meaning throughout your career.  Perfect fit occurs when people are optimally matched to their organization.

Our ground breaking research has built on this core insight and has established that the better a person fits into an organization, the more engaged, productive, and likely you will be to stay at work.  Evidence suggests that without fit, you are unlikely to realize your full potential.

The most challenging and rewarding jobs, with the best pay and attractive working conditions, go to those who develop expertise and mastery in their fields. To become an expert requires thousands of hours of difficult practice on task and the drive to attain mastery is unlikely unless you love the work for its own sake. This explains why finding work you fit to is more worthwhile than money, promotions, job security, or even hours worked. And happily, if you find the perfect fit you are also more likely to reach these outcomes anyway and at the same time you’ll realize greater joy and fulfillment compounded over the course of your career, something very few workers can say.