From the Organizations View

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Your employees will be driven to invest high levels of energy and time in their work, achieve outstanding productivity, and strengthen their loyalty and commitment to stay when they optimally fit into your organizations culture.

Extensive research has built on this core insight to establish that the better a person fits to your organization, the more they are willing to trust and commit to your firm, are able to exchange information quickly and accurately because they have the same perspective and understanding as your employees, and values the same priorities and goals as held in your organization.  This promotes much greater employee engagement, collaboration, commitment, and harmony throughout your organization.

The purpose of this survey is to help diagnose areas of strength inherent in your organization’s culture, to clarify the employment proposition the organization can deliver to your employees, and to better understand how to leverage that culture for optimal success.

Upon completion of the survey and feedback process, you will know the values, beliefs, policies and practices that are fundamental to and differentiate your organization’s culture. Armed with this information, you can uniquely direct your messaging efforts to sharpen and shed light on your employee image and employee branding efforts to ensure you attract talent that matches the organizational culture. Perhaps more importantly, you will also be able to simplify and make clear the various ways your culture can serve as the foundation for the successful execution of your organizational objectives to facilitate the success of the organization’s long-term strategy.

Thoroughly understanding your organization’s culture enables you to work to preserve what is unique about it and to realize how your culture can enable your organization to achieve an essential competitive advantage over other organizations.